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Hi Beautiful! Welcome to Around the Bend Coaching...

I’m so happy we’ve found each other.

I’m Christina and I help EMPTY NESTERS just like you get unstuck, find your new purpose and passion, and reinvent yourself to create the next grand adventure of life...

~ without going to therapy

~ without wasting time with crippling procrastination and indecision

~ without all the damn drama!

My son, Jonnie, who made me an empty nester with TWO DAYS notice!

I know you’re hurting right now. You have a hole in your heart and an emptiness in your soul and who wouldn't? Going from full-time mom to part-time mom to long-distance mom is hard! Maybe you're wondering:

What am I going to do with my time now? 

What if I haven't prepared my kid for the big, wide world out there?

How will all this free time affect my relationship?  

Am I overmothering or undermothering?

Who am I now?

You know you want to do something different, something that knocks your socks off with passion, but what?

You know you want to feel free and liberated, but you don't.

You want to see your empty nest as a brand new exciting beginning, but you don't know how.

How do you take the bull by the horns and get back on track?

How do you get to the other side better for it and with a brand new perspective on life?

Look, it’s hard to row a boat without the oars, am I right?

Well, Beautiful, you're in luck. I'm here to help you clear out the cobwebs, pick up those oars, and get a’rowin!

Sound impossible? It’s easier than you think. But it takes some deep self-examination, a fierce injection of personal power, and cookies (not really.)

Empowering and encouraging women in transition (and when are we NOT in transition?) is my passion.

No matter your age, no matter your situation, no matter what, you can make this next chapter of your life better than you've imagined!

Are you ready to find out what happens next? Aren't you curious?

Start now because the best is yet to come.


xoxo, Coach Christina